Web Based Speech Therapy

Speech Therapy On-Line

Therapist and Student on Computer

Kids Playing Video GamesState of the art therapy in the convenience of your home or school using a web based conferencing system. All you need is an internet connection and we bring therapy to you! Web based therapy may be just the answer you’re looking for if getting to an appointment or finding a specialist is difficult for you. If you’ve ever chatted via Face Time or Skype, you understand how on-line therapy happens. It’s simple and proven highly effective for some types of therapy.


Notes about web-based therapy:

    • We require that you be seen for at least one visit in our clinic prior to beginning a web-based program.
    • If it is determined that you are a good candidate for teletherapy, we schedule on-line sessions to begin as soon as you are ready. Some individuals find that a combination of in-office sessions and web based therapy is the perfect mix.
    • On-line sessions work like in-clinic sessions. Interactive activities are presented to address pre-determined goals.
    • Scheduling, Charges, and payment policies for teletherapy are the same as in-office charges and policies


Please call us for more information or to set up a demonstration.


***                     We provide teletherapy services for Texas residents only***ATA logo