Fast ForWord

FastForWord imageBuild Critical Elementary School Reading Skills

Capital Area Speech Therapy has been offering the Fast ForWord program series since 1997 and has found them to be highly effective for certain types of reading and language disorders. To see if your child may qualify for this program or for further information, please contact us at 512-250-8706 or

Kenny went from 2nd grade reading to a full football scholarship.
Mia went from acting out to acting proud.
David started talking at 20 years old.



district adminstration top100You know these children – the ones who continue to struggle despite repeated intervention. You need an intervention that addresses the root cause of their difficulty, not one that provides accommodations.

Fast ForWord does what no other intervention can do: it starts with cognitive skills like memory, attention and processing speed and works from the bottom up, using the principles of neuroplasticity. Fast ForWord aims to remediate the underlying difficulties that keep struggling readers and English language learners from making progress.

Fast ForWord LANGUAGE Series products build foundational elementary school reading and language skills to help students learn successfully in the general classroom. Support all children in meeting challenging state academic standards and improve state test scores with the Fast ForWord LANGUAGE Series. Provide extra academic support and learning opportunities in reading and language for struggling students, including at-risk students, ELL students, and special education students.

Fast ForWord Language v2
Develops listening accuracy, phonological awareness, and language structures and moves elementary students who are reading below grade level toward grade level reading skills.
Emphasizes the link between spoken and written language to guide young students to become proficient grade level readers.

Fast ForWord Products are: Efficient. Effective. Enduring.

Fast ForWord Language to Reading v2 emphasizes the link between spoken and written language to guide students to become proficient grade level readers.

The LANGUAGE v2 series includes fun, engaging characters ready to motivate your students to achieve their personal best.

In addition, new built-in supportive tools help struggling students achieve success more quickly. As they build confidence, they will experience faster progress and even better results.

Our Research and Development Teams utilized outcomes from over 50,000 students to ensure these new versions would be even more effective at helping Elementary Special Education students and English Language Learners become better readers and succeed in the classroom.

And with new content and design features, the LANGUAGE v2 series supports a Response to Intervention (RtI) approach.

To accelerate reading progress, Fast ForWord Language to Reading v2 develops critical brain processing efficiency in four key areas:

  • Builds memory through exercises that task both working and long-term memory.
  • Improves attention by developing the ability to focus on tasks and ignore distractions.
  • Develops auditory, visual, and linguistic processing of orally presented words, sentences, and stories for meaning and comprehension.
  • Develops sequencing skills through exercises that require the use of word order to comprehend complex statements, follow multi-step instructions, and form appropriate responses to a specified sequence of actions.