Speech Therapy – Helping More Than Just Speech


What Do Speech Language Pathologists Do Anyway?

Many people think of speech language pathologists, or “ speech therapists,” as those individuals who work on helping a child say certain sounds like “r” or “s”. This is only a very small part of what we do!

Did you know speech language pathologists help:

Kid Feeding Her Teddy An Apple•Babies learn to swallow, eat, and get ready to talk
•Determine if development is normal
•Determine if a child is ready to talk
•Toddlers, and kids of all ages, learn to talk or get ready to communicate
•Teach social skills/social language
•Increase the number of words a child uses
•Understand and follow directions
•Increase comprehension
•Increase vocabulary
•Teach children how to put words together
•Voice/Vocal Health
•Speech Clarity
•Teach alternate modes of communication; like using sign language or a tablet to communicate
•Get a child ready to read and write
•Individuals who have had a stroke or other neurological complications to learn to swallow, eat and talk again.

Speech Language Pathologists work with individuals of all ages and abilities, yes, even infants!

Therapist at workShould I schedule a speech language screening or evaluation?

If you have any concerns at any time regarding feeding, speech or language, then it is time to have a conversation with a speech language pathologist. We are here to help and know just what to do!

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