Free In-Office Screenings Available

 In-Office Screenings 

See below to see if you qualify for the free screening offer

Mother with childDo you have questions about your child’s speech or language development? How about questions about difficulty paying attention, difficulty with handwriting, or difficulty learning to read? You may qualify for a free speech and language screening, occupational therapy screening or reading readiness screening! See details below.

If you do not qualify for a free screening and would still like to schedule, please call and we will be happy to help you get an appointment set-up. Regular screenings are available at a minimal fee.

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What is a Screening?

A screening will not diagnose. It is intended to determine if a child needs to be evaluated or not. Basically, you will get a therapists opinion as to whether a child needs to be tested. 

Free in-office screenings are available for family members of all civil service employees, military personnel, teachers, and to siblings or family members of our current playing with dough
Please contact us to schedule an appointment for a speech and language screening or a motor screening.
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