Screening Info for Parents

Kids in a circleVision, Hearing, Speech & Motor Screenings:

Developmental screenings, including vision, hearing, speech and motor screenings, are a way to check to see if your child’s development is on track. Screenings are a very effective way to identify possible risk factors for a vision or hearing problem, speech and/or language delay, or motor/sensory disorder. Screenings also help to determine when a full evaluation is needed. Research shows us the sooner difficulties are identified and the sooner a child receives help, the better the outcome. Wondering how your child’s development compares to other children their same age? Wondering if your child is ready to be successful in school? Screenings can answer these questions. Child and therapist   SCREENINGS ARE NOT THE SAME AS AN EVALUATION. EVALUATIONS INVOLVE ADMINISTRATION OF STANDARDIZED TESTING. SCREENINGS ARE A PROFESSIONAL OPINION AS TO WHETHER AN EVALUATION IS NEEDED.

In-Office Screenings: Call to schedule.

Would you like to request a screening be provided at your child’s pre-school or private school?

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