Early Childhood Intervention
The process of intervening early to help kids be successful.
boy in speech therapy
Pediatric & Adult
Standardized measurements that measure specific strengths and weaknesses.
Traditional Occupational Therapy
Help children physically, academically, emotionally, and socially in daily tasks to become more independent.
older girl working with SLP
Feeding & Oral Motor
Deals with the movement of the jaw, tongue, lips, teeth and cheeks to improve oral muscles to improve oral muscle strength for speech and feeding.
Traditional Speech Therapy
Pediatric & Adult
Specialists provide treatment/intervention in a number of areas.
Kids Playing With Dough
School Based Therapy
Speech, Language & Occupational Therapy provided at your child's school or preschool.
Social Skills Training
Increases the ability to interact and communicate in social situations.
Adult / Teen
Speech Language Specialists provide a number of Adult and Teen Services.
Web Based Therapy
Provide speech and occupational therapy online via secure professional platforms.

Methods / Programs

FastForWord image
Fast ForWord
Highly effective for certain types of reading and language disorders.
Wilson Reading Program
An instructional program used to help struggling readers.
ILS Safe & Sound Protocol
To reduce stress and auditory sensitivity while enhancing social engagement and resilience.
An approach to assessment and treatment of speech delays or disorders.
Hanen Parent Training Program
Designed for parents to help their children improve basic communication skills and language disorders.
Visualizing and Verbalizing
Reading strategy to utilize with children who have trouble with reading comprehension.
Complete Speech Smart Palate
Technology that creates a digital visualization of how your tongue functions during speech.

Community Outreach

therapist testing child
School Screenings
Conducted by Speech Pathologists and Occupational Therapists to find early signs of speech & language disorders or motor & sensory disorders. Vision/Hearing screenings are also available.
teacher seminar
Teacher Workshops
Workshops scheduled to give more in depth and hands-on training to teachers and staff. Training may be tailored to fit specific programs and needs.