Information for School Directors


Vision, Hearing, Speech, Motor Screenings

Help your families to  identify potential problems early. 


We bring the following types of screenings to schools:

  • Vision/Hearing- Traditional Eye Chart/ Headphones 

  • Speech/Language – Child particpates in “talking games” with speech language pathologist: Listening, Following Directions, Naming Objects, Describing Pictures (Relative to child’s age and ability)

  • Motor- Child participates in “movement games” with occupational therapist: Fine Motor, Gross Motor, Attention

Frequently Asked Questions
⇒Screenings are conducted by licensed Speech Language Pathologists and Occupational Therapists.

⇒Schools may choose to offer any or all  screening types (listed above).

⇒No program too big or small.

⇒We provide the school and parent/guardian with a one page summary of results and recommendations.

⇒Parents opt-in by registering and paying for their child on-line relieving the school of handling money and paperwork.

⇒We encourage teacher/staff in-services, when possible, prior to offering a screening to fully explain the process, results, and expectations of a developmental screening.

⇒Information explaining the screening is provided to schools to share with families prior to sign-up.

Capital Area has been offering screenings to the Austin community for 25 years

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