Stuttering Symptoms and Support

Some Symptoms of Stuttering

Repeating words and sounds

Stretching out words and sounds​

Getting stuck while trying to get words out​

Unable to start a sound or word​

Avoiding using certain sounds or words​

Muscle tension during episodes of getting stuck​

Avoidance of speaking situations for fear of stuttering​

Can therapy really help me improve my speech?

Yes! Speech language pathologists can teach you strategies to help you better control your speech at any age or stage.

What if my child is starting to repeat words? Is it just developmental? Should I be worried?

Many children will go through a period of developmental stuttering just as their language skills are exploding. However, it is best to let a speech language pathologist decide if your child needs to be evaluated or just monitored.

Myths about Stuttering
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Reality: There is no link whatsoever between stuttering and intelligence.

Reality: Nervousness does not cause stuttering. Nor should we assume that people who stutter are prone to be nervous, fearful, anxious, or shy. They have the same full range of personality traits as those who do not stutter.

Reality: You can’t “catch” stuttering. No one knows the exact causes of stuttering, but recent research indicates that family history (genetics), neuromuscular development, and the child’s environment, including family dynamics, all play a role in the onset of stuttering.

Reality: This advice only makes a person more self-conscious, making the stuttering worse. More helpful responses include listening patiently and modeling slow and clear speech yourself.

Reality: As mentioned above, many complex factors are involved. Stress is not the cause, but it certainly can aggravate stuttering.

National Stuttering Association

With over three million Americans sharing the problems of stuttering, the National Stuttering Association plays a vital role in letting people who stutter know that they are not alone through our programs and services. The NSA provides support, friendship, and information to the stuttering community, instilling the sense of self-worth so often missing in the lives of those who battle this disorder. Check out information for Austin’s local chapter of the NSA.

You’re not alone.